Forest Park Church
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About Us

Who we are 

We are a group of imperfect individuals brought together to share Christ and his love for all by creating an inclusive atmosphere of worship, learning, sharing, and questioning where individuals can candidly and comfortably explore where they are in their faith journey.

We believe that all our brothers and sisters are children of God who have already been redeemed through his son, Jesus Christ. We reject prejudices towards any walk of life and welcome all to be a part of our loving community.


Where we come from

From mission to congregation; Forest Park Church’s roots lay in the legacy of The Landsdowne Mission which began in 1952 under the direction of Dr. W. B. Denson, Pastor of Melrose Baptist Church and Paul W. Glore, Minister of Music and Education at Melrose.

After experiencing growth, purchasing two lots on 29th street, and erecting a new building over the course of 18 years, Forest Park Church was constituted in 1970 with 94 charter members.

As an inner city congregation, Forest Park has been privileged to care and minister to individuals of all races, economic statuses, and life experiences since its inception. We make it a point to celebrate our differences reject prejudices towards any group of people. We consider this to be one of the fundamental values that nurtures the love that keeps our community connected to God.


What this means for you

What does this mean for you? Above all else, it means we are saving a seat for you at Forest Park. Wherever you're at in your faith journey, you can count on being loved and welcomed as part of the FPC family. We reject all prejudices towards any walk of life and affirm His love for all. No matter who you are today, who you where yesterday, or how many times you’ve been told you don’t belong, we invite you to be part of the love at Forest Park Church.