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Remembering The Rev. Frank Feather


Our journey towards making “The Feather Welcome Center & Conference Room” a reality and how you can help.


Forest Park Remembers Frank


Frank Feather: A lasting impact in Roanoke


Frank Walker Feather was a Roanoker through and through; born, raised, and until the end. He was a photographer, gardener, bike rider, dog lover, bread maker, railroad enthusiast, singer and so much more. However, tf there is one thing the life of Frank did it was show the valley what true ministry looks like. So much so that many simply referred to Frank as “Rev”.

Frank experienced first hand homelessness as a child. It was a formative experience in his life which would later guide him towards understanding and empathizing with the needs of many. Frank also happened to be true scholar of God’s word and took it upon himself to live out the command to advance the Kingdom of God. Frank never left a person unacknowledged and found ways to meet needs far beyond what he alone was capable of.

He was so in touch with his city that he foresaw many of the challenges that the Roanoke Valley now faces and spent much of his time advising many to be prepared to minister to these affected by such challenges.

At Forest Park— where Frank served as Pastor until he was physically unable to— his influence, values, and mission continue to live on. This is why we have committed ourselves to creating a welcome and conference center in his name to be used by and for the advancement of our surrounding communities in Northwest Roanoke.


Honoring Frank.
Serving our community.


Frank truly welcomed all and Forest Park shares that value in our motto: All Are Welcome Here. Our shared dream is that the Feathers Welcome Center & Conference Room— as side from being used by the church— will (in true Forest Park and Frank fashion) be available to the community as a place to discuss, learn, and connect with one another. Not Just about God but about things effecting out our communities as a whole. To make this dedication a reality we need your help.

Photos of our current emptied out fellowship hall. Freshly painted and awaiting it’s transformation into the Feathers Welcome Center & Conference Room.

Fundraising Efforts


Fundraising Goals

We've calculated the cost of the conference center at $4,000. As a congregation that prides itself on putting out money where out mouth is by always putting out everything we take in, we understand this will be quite an undertaking. This is where we hope the community comes in.

We hope to raise at least 50% the funds from planned fundraisers including our dinner fundraiser which will celebrate Frank’s life on the 4th anniversary of his passing.

The second half we hope will come from contributions in the Roanoke Community and beyond

Our Progress

How you can help.


Click here to make an online donation or, if you prefer, you can send a check with “Frank” in the memo to:
Forest Park Church, 812 29 St NW, Roanoke, VA 24017

We have an amazon wish list! Many of the furnishing for the conference center have already been selected an approved by our deacon board. Click below to shop out list!

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We will be planning multiple fundraising efforts to help support this project. Our next fundraiser is a dinner on the 4th anniversary of Frank’s passing. The theme will be Frank’s favorite: Down Home Country.